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Battle monsters shoulder to shoulder

Jedi has a lot of great games for shooters. Also, these games can be played together with a friend. Fighting monsters shoulder to shoulder. For example, such VR-games: Serious Sam VR - this time Serious Sam travels around the planets and cleans them of various monsters, gradually approaching the main threat. To shoot all enemies, a gamer will use a lot of weapons. In addition, the user will always arrive parcels with health and armor. "Eternity Warriors" - Appeared on mobile devices six years ago, and now it is played by millions of fans around the world. You are waiting for all the delights of classic games in the genre of action. Become one of the three heroes, fight dangerous monsters and learn the secret of eternal warriors. "Raw Data" is an arcade shooter for VR helmets and glasses, in which players must steal valuable data from a transnational corporation, for which they are fighting with the crowds of androids. And many others!


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