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So what is Halloween?

Masquerade? An opportunity to ask for sweets? The ability to watch horror movies? For us, Halloween has become an opportunity to get caught up in learning English: we learned songs, vocabulary, stories about ourselves, answered questions, translated a movie, cooked English-language dishes, and tried to speak In English throughout the holiday. In addition, Halloween has given us a blast of creativity: original costumes, design classes, Jack'Olterns, which were also carved out by classes, crew dances and a few dance minutes over the holiday - all of which created an atmosphere that can be described by the brief enthusiastic wow ! ". After all, the holiday was a great opportunity for everyone to feel part of the team - and in reflection many students noted how their crew managed to make friends. Halloween opens up a whole host of English-language cultural events for us, so this is only the beginning, and best of all, the most up-front!
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