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Cryolipolysis (cold liposuction) in Poltava

Cryolipolysis is a modern high-tech procedure for body correction and elimination of fat deposits without surgery under the influence of cold. Modern technologies and developments can reduce body fat without resorting to grueling workouts, diets or surgical intervention. The technique solves various problems of the client: for some it will be enough to lose a few kilograms, for others it is necessary to “polish” the figure where sport and massage are powerless. Allows you to lose weight locally, i.e. only on the abdomen or only on the hips, while all methods prior to cryolipolysis assumed weight loss and volume reduction uniform throughout the body, i.e. and breasts too; For one procedure, the difference in volumes will be 3-5 cm - it takes up to 25% of excess fat * * * All results from the procedure are individual
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