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Pressotherapy This is a type of hardware lymphatic drainage massage, which is designed to eliminate stagnation in the lymphatic system and excess fluid in the body. The method has proven itself in the fight against cellulite and problems that a person may have due to lack of or insufficient physical activity. Pressotherapy removes excess fluids and harmful substances from the body, restores water balance, normalizes the circulation of lymph and intercellular fluid, improves venous circulation, and activates metabolic processes in skin cells and fat cells. Indications for the procedure: - cellulite, overweight - local body fat - recovery of lymphatic circulation disorders - lymphatic edema - varicose veins, thrombosis, heaviness in the legs - chronic venous insufficiency - muscle strain - postoperative and post-traumatic edema - quick recovery after cosmetic surgery.


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Полiтика конфiденцiйностi Умови